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+90 212 703 37 37 inbound@skyhub.com.tr

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Who we are ?

Skyhub, being one of the excellent brands of HIS; is very ambitious to serve its agents as a wholesaler with the utmost efficiency and highest quality not only for Leisure Travel but also for MICE groups.
Our dedicated tourism professionals, prepare the most suitable programs for your guests with personal touch all the time.
Until now, we welcome the guests from 26 countries. We believe each country has its own dynamics and requirements. So once we receive an e-mail from you, our team analyses your country, guests profile, and give you the best options for them.
Please share us the information of your guests including age, profile, places they want to visit, budget, and the dates, then we will prepare the most suitable program with the effective budget. All the programs here on this website are the sample tour programs, and adjustable based on your guest’s needs.
Our team is also ready to educate your team members how to sell Turkey’s touristic destinations by organizing online webinars. The only you thing you need to do is, send us an e-mail and get the date for your private webinar.
We will do our best to make their trip one of the most unforgattable memory. With more than 550+ offices around the world, your clients are our most valuable guests on 7 continents.

Tailor Made Programs

Everything is changing in the travel industry, and regular packages are no longer enough for the needs of your guests. Share the information of your guests including age, profile, places they want to visit the estimated price that they can prepare for their trip and our travel Consultants will prepare the most suitable program for your guests.


Let’s fire up your team! We are committed to developing innovative teambuilding programs, which help companies and teams of different dynamics and backgrounds to work better together. We can guarantee the most effective and efficient way of travelling while considering the travel expense for your corporate clients.

Hotel Reservations

We aim to offer competitive pricing through a vast system of over 100,000 hotels worldwide. We have tied-up with the majority of hotels to make sure each of our customers gets the latest updates and promotions. Regardless of the type of trip for Leisure or for Business, we’ll certainly find a perfect hotel suitable for you.

Reservation and Ticketing Services

Skyhub is a member of IATA . With our professional ticketing team members, we create the most suitable flight plan in line with the travel policies of the companies and special passenger requests for both domestic and international flights. We are happy to provide personalized service with a 24/7 support line.

Our DNA ...

  • PROVIDE QUALITY TOURISM PRODUCTS AND SERVICES !We gain customer satisfaction and trust by developing quality tourism products and services without ignoring its safety.
  • TRANSPARENT, OPEN AND HONEST TRADE !While providing products and services to the customer; or when we purchase a number of services, we trade in a transparent manner. We abstain from malicious and immoral things that make profit to just one side.
  • HIS SECURITY OF PERSONAL INFORMATIONWe use personal information with care and we store it meticulously. In the case of giving information about HIS, we do it correctly and in a timely manner.
  • AUTHORIZATION OF DUTIESAll authorities are obliged to comply with this declaration! Persons concerned shall maintain the organizational structure of H.I.S. with this declaration. If necessary, they make the necessary arrangements by taking the initiative.
  • PROVIDING COMFORTABLE AND SAFE WORK AREAWe respect everyone's character and personality, and draw a line between his private life and his work. We certainly do not find an approach acceptable in which people feel bad.
  • WORKING WITH COMMUNITIES IN OUR REGIONWe maintain a balanced communication with the communities in our region and contribute to their growth. We also stay away from the forces that will hinder the development of our region.
  • PROTECTING NATURETo protect the nature of the world and live in peace; we avoid any unnecessary use.
  • WORLD PEACEWe contribute to world peace by learning and respecting different cultures of countries.
  • SMILE AND VIVITYShare the joy of traveling and decorate your communication with our customers with a smiling face!
  • NEATNESSGreet our customers in a peaceful environment with a correct and quality appearance!
  • POLITENESSWe conduct our friendship with kindness and diligence! We earn their trust with the right expression and sweet language!
  • SPEEDWe respond to the requests of our customers as soon as possible and we return to them as quick as possible.
  • CUSTOMER ORIENTATIONIn order to understand our customers' wishes and expectations correctly, we listen to them and advise them as a member of our family.
  • HONESTYWe provide accurate and sincere information to our customers and we always fulfill our promises.
  • QUALITYWe improve our quality with safety and security. We achieve customer satisfaction with punctuality, attention and care.
  • PROFESSIONALISMWe gain our expertise by actively reaching out to and learning of new information. As tourism professionals, we work with “awareness and pride”.
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Our Vision ...

  • Respect nature, be humble and polite!
  • Always be respectable, polite and understandable to others.
  • Improve your personal knowledge of the world and be sure to spread it to enlighten other people!
  • Be lively, happy and full of life and always think positive!
  • Continuity; Creates real strength. Always try and never give up! Be open to challenges and leave your comfort zone!
  • WAKU-WAKU: Be exciting, fun and amazing! Always do more than expected!
  • Strengthen your understanding of management! Profitability is definitely achieved by customer satisfaction.
  • We conduct our friendship with kindness and diligence! We earn their trust with the right expression and sweet language!
  • Everything has two sides. You always do what is best.
  • Protect your good communication. Execute every relationship correctly and keep everything you do in a good balance!
  • Connect and contribute to the development of humanity with passion and sincerity!
  • Work with passion! Produce and innovate for the happiness of people!
  • Apply quickly and respect the time! Dont forget; “Time is everything”.
  • Love communication! Value quality communication with people!
  • Strive to win! Aim to get to the top and be the only one there!
  • Learn continuously and be determined at hard times!
  • Produce and develop in a pioneering mood! Work customer-oriented, but never compromise your own principles!
  • Ensure a strong and tight balance between the physical world and the spiritual world!
  • Think big! Always aim for the summit and create alternative ways to achieve your goals!
  • Find, learn and use new knowledge! If you know your enemy and yourself well, you don't have to fear the consequences of the war!
  • Value balance! Be your balance guide in everything you do!
  • Make good use of your luck! Don't miss out on the opportunities that will make you successful!

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