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…back-up support for every detail and aspect of our client’s business travel. We can guarantee the most effective and efficient way of travelling while considering the travel expense of our corporate clients. We plan, prepare all sorts of group tours may it be a company-sponsored trip or on a larger-scale Incentive tour.

Tell us your dream, then sit back and enjoy the rest.



Why not turn meetings into a more innovative story?  We are offering value added alternatives so that your meetings are not confined between four walls and a desk anymore.  While producing effective solutions to your strategic needs we are making sure to meet objectives and budget requirements of our corporate clients.  Our services also include end-to-end management of your complete travel itineraries and specialised staff assistance for group airline bookings and hotel reservations.



Who is in for a creative team activity with a special theme? We craft tailored-made projects specific to the corporate culture and dynamics in order to increase the synergy between the staff members.At SkyHub; our dedicated dynamic team starts by understanding your expectations in order to plan the event to all the details, design a special-to-the-team itinerary to elevate your team’s motivation and synergy.



We provide you with end-to-end assistance in organising a convention and meeting requirements that may occur during the event or even after. Along with helping you with venue selection, booking hotel rooms & specialised services of interpreters and translators, AV equipments, transportation;  we ensure that you get a simple environment to conduct your business. As and when required, we coordinate with government related agencies. We also provide assistance in protocol rules.



Time for a fully organized team-work! 

 Ranging from corporate events to luxury parties, Skyhub is the right place providing a Professional approach to all aspects and services of the project and bespoke event management.

 Skyhub supports businesses in connecting with their aim audience thru creative , entertaining and engaging events.

Meeting & Organization

Each meeting has a unique story inside. The ambiance of the room has a direct effect on the mood of your team members. From the temperature inside to the lights and seats, and food & beverages, tea times, technical items etc. everything needs to have a personal touch. 

Our team is interested in all these details and examines each project separately to understand the needs of your company. Then gives you the most suitable options for your organization. 

Please share the purpose of the meeting with its purpose. Then sit back and enjoy your organizations.

Team Building

When your team hears about the “team building activities”, are they rolling their eyes or run away to the nearest exit?

We are working with unique partners to provide the activities for each group. The activities are not only educational but also enjoyable for both small and big groups. Team engagement is a common topic within all the companies, so our activities aim to make your team think to learn more things about each other, solve the problems, and enjoy being a team.

The only thing you should do is tell us how many people will join and what you expect as a result of this activity.

We will be happy to offer you the best games that match your needs.

Gala Dinner

Gala dinner organizations need a personal touch. 

The most important part is deciding the concept of your unique night. Our travel consultants will help you with various options to find out the most suitable one for you.  

After deciding the concept, we will choose the best location for your event. It can be in a luxury restaurant or a cave house, or it can be on the Bosphorus where you can enjoy the view of two continents, or it can on the top of a mountain, in a valley, in a museum. Just imagine what you would like to have, and our team will help you to dreams come true.

Charter Flight

We offer private jet charter and charter flight planning services uniquely with our pre-flight, post-flight and post-flight services with our experienced team in line with the needs of our customers.

Turkey and in the work, we perform at our office coordinate overseas partners in Europe, America and Asia and the private jet charter, as well as with the quotas that we have in our planning Cross and your visits to Umran planning charter flights are realizing.

Hotel Reservatıons

…with Skyhub, we aim to offer competitive pricing through a vast system of over 100,000 hotels worldwide. We have tied-up with majority of Hotels to make sure each of our customer gets the latest updates and promotion available at your fingertips. We can guarantee regardless if our clients are traveling for Leisure or for Business, we’ll certainly find a perfect hotel suitable for your needs.

Transfer Servıces

…with a wide-array of Transfer options, may it be upon you arrival at the airport, or you simply just in need of a chauffeur driven vehicle, we at Skyhub can provide the transport services with ease at any given time.

We have a variety of car options, from the regular ones to the top VIP and even classic cars.

Reservatıon & Ticketıng Servıces

Skyhub is a member of IATA and currently inside BSP top 10 list. With our professional ticketing team members, we create the most suitable flight plan in line with the travel policies of the companies and special passenger requests for both domestic and international flights.
We are happy to provide personalized service with a 24/7 support line.

Please contact us for our past organizations and special requests.

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