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What is Social Distancing and Why is it Important ?

In recent days, all of us are expected to reduce our contact with others and the authorities are warning. Especially these warnings have positive effects on the spread of the virus for the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Let’s examine the place of social distancing in the fight against the virus together.

Well, What Does Social Distancing mean?

While it is disappointing to hear that many sporting events, tours, festivals, and other meetings are canceled, these measures have a public health reason. These bans and cancellations help stop or slow down the spread of the disease and make the healthcare system look after patients more easily over time. The cancellation of events likely to attract a crowd is an example of social distance. Social withdrawal deliberately increases the physical space between people to prevent the spread of the disease. Staying at least six meters away from other people reduces your chances of catching COVID-19.

So why should we follow such excessive measures? The answer is simple. To help reduce and end the spread of the virus. What do people who want to take the social distance into the center of their life need to do? Or to ask otherwise; What should be done for this and what should not be done?

What To Do To Comply With Social Distancing Rules?

The World Health Organization advises not to go out of the house as much as possible. However, if it is necessary to get out, it suggests that you keep at least 1-meter distance between people who cough or sneeze. In addition, experts state that social contacts such as shaking hands, hugging, and kissing should be avoided.

That’s why it’s all in our hands to stop the speed of virus spread. Here are other items of measures according to experts, that should be taken within the scope of social distance;

Not leaving the house unless it is mandatory,

Avoiding common areas as much as possible,

If you have to be outside, putting at least 1-meter distance from other people (waiting for market and bank queues),

If possible, the transition to work system from home,

If companies that carry out hygiene procedures are still working from the office, they can be work without close contact and, if possible, eating at separate tables,

To communicate with the help of electronic devices instead of visiting your loved ones’ home.

It has an important place in social distancing to pay attention to hand hygiene. Although we continue to sit at home, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene suggestions and hand cleaning at home. You can click here to access a detailed article about hand washing.

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