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Healthy Tourism Certification

Turkey has launched “Healthy Tourism Certification” Program

 Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey has initiated Healthy Tourism Certification program, which shall be applicable as of summer season of 2020. Healthy Tourism Certification, which is issued under the leadership of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and with the participation of Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in cooperation of all sector stakeholders, covers a broad range of measures which shall be taken towards transportation, accommodation, health condition of employees of the facilities and passengers. This certificate, which shall be granted by international certification institutions, will document the fulfilment of high level of health and hygiene requirements at airline companies, airports and other transportation, accommodation and food & beverage facilities.

“Health and Safety of the Passenger”; covers the precautions which are required to be implemented in terms of passengers from the time of check-in until their check-out. It includes;  not allowing passengers without mask to enter respective terminals, providing free of charge masks to passengers, application of thermal camera and  body temperature measurement at the entrance of terminal buildings, preparing disinfection carpets and disinfection cabins, if required, apply the required protocols for the passengers that are diagnosed as risk group in terms of travelling.

“Precautions taken at Facilities”, covers steps which required to be taken in order to prevent spreading of the outbreak. In case of preventing such cases, processes that needs to be implemented by the accommodation, food & beverage facilities have been defined under the scope of the certificate. Certification ensures implementation and controlling of measures such as social distance, contact, isolation which are required to control the spread of pandemic within the personnel working at such facilities.

“Health and Safety of the Employee”; covers precautions with respect to ensuring physically and mentally healthy personnel at transportation, accommodation and food & beverage facilities. Procedures such as hygiene and sanitation trainings of the personnel, psychological support, providing required hygiene/health equipment, controlling of the personnel both with thermal cameras are required standards and also thermometers and planning shifts, holding meetings and regular health checks of personnel etc. comprise other articles included under this title.

“Precautions taken in terms of Transportation vehicles”, includes certain measures and regulations for air, land and marine transportation. Training of personnel of transportation vehicles, immunity certificate of the personnel, sterilization of transportation vehicles and arrangement of passenger transportation system according to safe distance standards has been defined under the scope of the certificate.

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