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How & Key Times to Wash Hands ?

Our hands, the most important part of our body which are in contact with the World. Every day we touch many places consciously or not, and then we continue touching our mouth, face, or body. Especially because of coronavirus, washing hands accurately has become a very important issue.

Since we interact with bacteria and viruses generally in crowded places, by touching around, hands are the most infected parts of our body.

Let’s check out the content together which we prepared with the information shared by  the Ministery of Health of the Republic of Turkey titled ‘How & Key Times to Wash Your hands?’

Key Times to Wash Hands!

Hands should be washed after coughing and sneezing, without touching anyone or anywhere.

As the virus transmits via small respiratory droplets, hands definitely should be washed before the cleaning of teeth, mouth, face, eyes.

Hands should be washed with warm water before preparing and eating meals

In order to prevent transmission of disease, hands should be washed before and after using toilets.

It is very important to wash hands in order to protect ourselves from bacteria and viruses when we come home.

How to Wash Hands?

Hand cleaning is the first step in personal hygiene. In order to protect our health, we should wash our hands a minimum of 20 seconds with water and soap.  One of the most important points in the hygiene of hands is washing hands in proper time and way.

How to wash your hands according to instructions published by the Ministery of Health of the Republic of Turkey:

1-     Water the hands

2-     Use enough amount of liquid or bar soap

3-     Bubble the soap in palms.

4-     Rub the upper part of the hand with the other hand.

5-     Rub interlaced fingers.

6-     Backs of the fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked.

7-     Rub the thumbs.

8-     Rub the fingertips in the palms.

9-     Clean the hands with lots of water.

10-  Dry the hands with a paper towel.

11-  Turn off the taps with a towel.

12-  Hands are clean, anymore!

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